How Tall Is a Tsunami?


When a tsunami is in the deep sea it is only about 3 feet tall. Once it hits the coast it can be up to 100 feet tall. Most tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean.
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Many tsunamis can be very high and tall enough to destroy cities and towns. Some are as low and significant as a matter of mere centimetres. The highest tsunami ever recorded occurred
Tsunami is a wave that can be hundreds of miles long and have been known to reach heights of
There was a rare tsunami that occurred back in 1737, that reached a heights of 210 feet waves. It hit in Kamchatka, Russia. the largest was over 1,640 feet. Could you imagine surfing
They can go as high as 90 feet. The good old standard ones come in 30, 60 and 90 feet. You have to take into account that a part of the pole is buried in the ground. I hope you're
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A tsunami when first starting out will be about 3 feet higher than normal waves way out in the ocean. By the time it reaches landfall, it can be as big, if not bigger than a 10 story building causing major flood damage as well as deaths.
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When a tsunami starts, it is usually only about 3 feet and can go unnoticed. By the time it may reach landfall, it can become as high as a 10 story building. ...
A tsunami looks like a wave, or in the case of a big tsunami, a wall of water. It can range from a few inches to over one hundred feet tall, and travel almost ...
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