How Tall Is a Zebra?


Zebras are members of the family Equidae that live in Africa. They have black and white stripes in different patterns. They are approximately 50 inches tall.
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four to 5 feet at the shoulders.
Zebras reproduce by sexual intercourse in which the male will transfer his sperm into the womb of the female. After fertilization of the egg, the egg will attach itself to the wall
The average lifespan for a zebra in the wild is 25 years. Their average height (at the
1. Check your finches cage size. It is a common misconception that zebra finches will thrive in smaller cages. They will be happiest with a large amount of space to play and fly in,
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Zebra adaptations include their great speed. Another adaptation includes their striped coats that allow them to blend with the tall grasses of the savanna. Another ...
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