How Tall Is a Zebra?


Zebras are members of the family Equidae that live in Africa. They have black and white stripes in different patterns. They are approximately 50 inches tall.
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four to 5 feet at the shoulders.
The average lifespan for a zebra in the wild is 25 years. Their average height (at the
A zebra is about the size of a small quarter horse. I would say 14hh give or take. I'm sure some are taller than others.
You measure equines from the ground to the shoulder - so these heights will be measured in this way. There are three species of zebra, the mountain zebra is the smallest - 1.2-1.3
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Zebra adaptations include their great speed. Another adaptation includes their striped coats that allow them to blend with the tall grasses of the savanna. Another ...
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