How tall is an emperor penguin?


The Emperor penguin is the largest of all the species of penguin. They can grow to be between three and four feet tall. They weigh about 100 lbs as adults.
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The Emperor Penguin on average can get to about 1.15m which is as tall as a six year old and weigh about 22-45kg. The Emperor Penguin is the largest penguin in the world.
The Emperor penguin grows to around 115 cm. It weighs 25-40 kilogra...
Emperor penguins is approximately 1.15 metre (3.8ft) in height & weighs 40 kg. There are roughly 200,000 breeding pairs.
Emperor Penguins are the tallest penguin and stand almost 4 feet tall(1.2 m). They weigh 50-70 pounds.
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