How Tall Is Bill Hemmer?


Television news anchor Bill Hemmer is five foot nine inches tall. As of January 2013 Bill Hemmer is forty-four years old and currently works for the Fox News channel. Hemmer received his degree in Mass Communications from Miami University.
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Bill Hemmer from Cincinnati, OH is a co-host on the Fox News Channel & has been there since August 2005. He recently did report on the Massacre that occurred at Fort Hood this
Fox News host Bill Hemmer, who co-anchors the network's morning program America's
14 November 1964 , Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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There is no information on Bill Hemmer's current location. He is an anchor for FOX News. He is originally from Ohio. ...
Many people are curious about the romantic status and love life of handsome news anchor Bill Hemmer. It is believed that Hemmer is single and has never been married ...
Bill Hemmer is a host on the Fox News network which operates out of New York City, NY. Where Bill Hemmer is today November 29, 2012 is not listed but he hosted ...
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