How Tall Is Carl Barat?


The height of Carl Barat has not been officially documented, but there have been suggestions by some of his fans that he is somewhere between 5’7” and 5’ 10” tall. This is however not an official statement of Carl Barat’s height. The whodatedwho website states that Barat's height is 5' 9, but again the credibility of this information cannot be confirmed.
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I'm going to guess about 5ft7? ish. I'm short myself (5ft) and he didn't seem that much taller than me, nor in the photos of us does he seem very big either. Carl Barat is definately
Nobody can pronounce his second name. You can say it like Bar-ought or Bar-ah.
The hype surrounding Doherty has always been much larger than the actual work he has produced. He's talented, but much of that talent has never been realized.
wooooooooow, hard questionnnn (: carl :P
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