How tall is Luke Bryan?


Country singer Luke Bryan is six foot tall and as of December 2012 is thirty-six years old. Luke Bryan has been singing most of his life but broke into the country music arena in 2005. He has released three albums.
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6 ft, 7 in.
Brian M. Lewis is listed at 5'7 and weighs 159lbs.
i can just guess around seven feet and weight may be 75kg.
Blake Shelton is 6' 5" tall; Jake Owen is 6'2" and Luke Bryan is 6 feet flat. Luke is from Leesburg, GA while Blake is from Ada, OK. report this answer. Answered by kgb
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Luke Bryan stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. His recent studio album Tailgates and Tanlines was released on August 9, 2011.
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As of January 2012, Luke Bryan was married to Caroline Boyer. They have two sons, Thomas and Tatum. The couple was married December 8, 2006. Luke is Bryan's nickname ...
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