How Tall Is the Average House?


The average house is approximately 2.5 metres to 3 metres tall. However, the height of a house differs according to the design and the tastes and preferences of the individual. It is important to build houses that accommodate the height of the human beings who live within it.
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The average height of a two story house is twenty feet not including the roof.
In Germany 165cm +3 cm (for variation over the day)
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In the United Kingdom, an average typical residential home has a height of about 14 to 16 metres. This height includes a roof that averagely has about 6 to 8 metres, depending on the roof and storey having an average of 8 metres.
The avarage house should be approximately 8 to 10 storey feet. The roof or chimney gives it another 8 feet. One Story house is about 16 feet with a two story house about 25 feet
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