How Teenagers Spend Their Free Time?


Teenagers spend their free time in a variety of ways around the world. They need time to study and do homework. They spend time with friends and family. They get involved in sports and other hobbies and enjoy a variety of entertainment.
Q&A Related to "How Teenagers Spend Their Free Time?"
It depends what type of person you're thinking about. Many text, go on Facebook, go to parties, or just goof off. There are teens that read in their free time. Many also do sports
1. Make a pact with your spouse and your kids that for the week or month you will not spend any money on things deemed as "family entertainment" Too often, pizza and movies
1 Play with them. Seems simple, but, do you really know how to do it? Get down on the floor and play trucks, build forts, make cardboard buildings for cars. Go through the clothes
Well, here is how I spend my time. Drawing/anything creative. Reading. Watching funny videos on YouTube. Watching movies. Playing games. Doing puzzles, I like crosswords. Reading
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