How was the Roman army organized?


The Roman Army was organized into Legions, a legion was headed by a legate. Each legion had 5000 men and was further divided into cohorts with each cohort comprising six centuries; a century (originally 100 men, later 80 men) was headed by a centurion. Centurions were very important as they trained the soldiers under their command and ensured that everyone obeyed orders.
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the roman army was so success full because they had plenty of armour and weapons
The Roman army used supply lines to ship food to its men in the field. They achieved it through the administration of three kinds of logistics bases. Supply Base. This doesn't refer
Every century in the Roman Army had their own camp always organized exactly the same way. In a pinch, the legionaires knew where everything was even in the dark. That helped in surprise
Polybius tells us Rome possessed the largest and finest army, havin...
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The Roman army was organised in 800 legionnaires, who were in the army, who then formed one legion. The legion would then be split into centuries, a group of eighty men, who were controlled by a Centurion. These centuries would be divided into smaller groups with different tasks to perform.
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