How Thick is 20 Gauge Steel?


When dealing with sheet metal the higher the gauge the thinner the sheet. Standard 20 gauge steel is 0.0359 inches thick. Galvanized 20 gauge steel is 0.0396.
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The actual thickness associated with a "gauge range" varies largely by industry. Gauges are OK for ball-parking, but are not adequate for engineering purposes. Producing
1. Determine which specific type of steel the sheet is made of, e.g. sheet steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. 2. Determine whether the stated gauge of the sheet follows the
For Hot Rolled sheets 14 Ga. equals .0747. The exceptions are Galvanized sheets where 14
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There are a couple of different measurements for the thickness of 20 gauge steel. A standard 20 gauge steel is 0.0359 inches. However galvanized steel is 0.0396 inches and aluminum is 0.0320 inches. So they are going to vary slightly.
20 gauge steel, if it is standard will measure .036 inches thick. If you have a galvanized steel then it will measure .040 inches. Aluminum is the thinner counterpart at a mere .032 inches.
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