How Thick is R38 Insulation?


One easier way to figure thickness on insulation is to take the thickness and multiply it by 2.5. Example 15 inches of insulation multiplied by 2.5 equals 37.5 in thickness.
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For the typical R38 insulation that you can purchase at any local hardware store, the thickness is usually a total of 12 inches for this conventional fiberglass insulation.
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From everything I have seen it would be about 12 inches for conventional fiber glass insulation available from Home Depot or Lowes. Polyiso insulation can give up to r-6 per inch.
R-values,, such as R 38 insulation, are used by the construction industry to describe the thermal resistance of insulation materials. When you are looking at an R-38 insulation, you
1. Measure from the center of one wall stud (or ceiling/floor joist) to the center of its neighbor. The standard distance will be either 16 or 24 inches. Rolls of insulation come
At Ace Hardware a batt of Owens Corning(r) R38 Insulation cost $69....
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The depth or thickness of R-38 bat insulation is 12 inches. It is 16 inches wide and 48 inches long. Sixteen inches corresponds to the typical space studs or ...
R38 Insulation prices vary depending on the region and their thickness. The thickness of R's-38 insulation is around 15.3 centimetres for an R-38 fiberglass batt ...
R38 insulation is typically about 10 inches thick. The R's for insulation are a measurement of heat resistance rather than specific thickness, although higher ...
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