How Thick Is the Human Skull?


The thickness of a man's skull has been found to be thinner than a female. However, the human skull thickness varies even within a gender group. On average men have a skull thickness of 6.5 mm. and women average skull thickness of 7.1 mm.
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The thickness of the human skull depends on many factors some of which are age, sex and how your body is built. My teenager on the other hand has the thickest skull on record. You
The human skull is a quarter of and inch. It also depends on whether it is a female or male skull, and what age that person is. A man skull is actually thicker then a female skull
Researchers found the average thicknesses of the skull in men was 6.5 millimeters,
The human skull is about 1/4 of an inch. Its thinner at the top thicker at the forehead, which varies.
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The human skull is a quarter and a half inch thick. Male skulls are thicker than females. The shape of the human skull comes in three main groups. The groups are Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid.
The human skull varies in thickness along it's surface, the thinnest portion being in the rear. A typical skull will average to about 1/4th of an inch thick in most cases.
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