How Thick Should a Concrete Sidewalk Be?


When using concrete for a sidewalk, patio, or driveway, it should be approximately 3.5 inches. This is also the width of a standard 2'x4' board, commonly used for a form when pouring concrete.
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It depends on the size of the sections, but generally, no less than 4 inches.
1. Level the ground out with the width and length that you would like form of the sidewalk. 2. Measure the area you plan to cover for the sidewalk so you can determine the amount
1. Plan your sidewalk; do you want to make a curved sidewalk or straight? maybe you want to put in a ramp, whatever the case may be, know what you plan to do before you begin. Ad.
The volume of the sidewalk is its length times its width times its thickness: V = L * W * T. You know the values for V, L, and W. Plug them into the formula: 480 = 300 * 4 * T. Multiply
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