How to Abbreviate PHD?


You would abbreviate phd as Ph.D. Never use the title Dr. before a name that is followed by Ph.D. Use one or the other abbreviation, not both to be correct.
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The correct way to abbreviate it is: Ph.D.--with a period after the lowercase h and a period after the D
The correct way to abbreviate the Doctor of Philosophy designation is
It's an abbreviation for Philosophiæ Doctor or more commonly used in modern world "Doctor of Philosophy". Philosophiæ Doctor means "teacher of philosophy&
Hi Patty and thanks for your question. The a Doctoral degree in a specific vocation, which can only be completed and achieved once the related precursor Honors and Masters
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The abbreviation PhD stands for Philosophiae Doctor (doctor of philosophy). In the UK most PhD programmes take approximately three years. PHD is also a short form ...
MS - Master of Science RD - Registered Dietitian PhD - Doctor of Philosophy DPH - Doctor of Public Health ...
The abbreviation PhD means doctor of philosophy. It represents an academic award known as a doctorate, that is awarded for original contributions to knowledge. ...
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