How to Abbreviate the Word Management?


The proper and common abbreviation for the word management is Mgmt. The word management originated in in 1793 from the term 'act of managing' and the word 'manage' in relation to governing body, originally of a theater.
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Abbreviations can help minimize the amount of time and space that writing out various things can take. The abbreviation for management is mgmt.
I think that its just abbreviated as man.
1. Identify any sounds in the word or words you chose that correspond directly to letters or numbers. You're abbreviating things almost as if you were trying to make a short, quick
The abbreviation for the word manager is Mgr.
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Although the word management can be abbreviated in many different ways for different people, the universal abbreviation for it is 'mgmt'.
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The abbreviation for management is commonly used on letters, emails and things of that nature. That abbreviation is MGMT. ...
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