How to Accept Collect Calls on a Cell Phone for Free?


Most cell phone plans do not allow collect calls due to billing purposes. However, you can accept a collect call on a cell phone by establishing a pre-paid account with your service provider. Give the provided code to the person calling you collect.
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1. Answer the phone when the collection agency calls. Ask to speak with a supervisor. If the collection agency is trying to reach a debtor who used your cell phone number before your
YES you can! Call Correctional Billings Systems or look them up online.
You can't track them on your own, however the operator and the police
With most providers, press *87 to unblock your cell phone in order to receive collect calls. If this doesn't work, you must call your service provider. report this answer. Updated
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How to Accept Collect Calls on a Cell Phone for Free
Cell phones are replacing land line phones in some households. One disadvantage of using cell phones as a main source of communication is not being able to accept collect phone calls. Regular cell phone providers usually don't allow collect calls because... More »
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