How does one access a email account?


To access your email account you will need to go to the CenturyLink homepage. When you open this page, look for the sign in to my account button and click on it to sign in and access your email. This is the web address you'll need:
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1. Go to a web-based email account website such as and create an account. 2. Set up the account to allow you to use Outlook Express by selecting your email server type
1. Log into me. com using your .Mac account or Mobile Me account log in info. Ad. 2. Select the Mail tab from the top left corner. 3. Then select from the pull down menu, preferences'alias'-Email-Accounts-...
By logging in through the website or using a program.
The web-based interface to your account has everything an email user needs — except stationery, of course; or the convenience of reading and replying to email during
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