How do you activate a Metro PCS phone?


Upon purchasing a Metro PCS phone, you can activate it at checkout in many stores. For stores that do not offer activation at checkout, Metro PCS has an activation option on it's website and via a toll free number.
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1. Remove Metro PCS phone from box. Make sure there is a good amount of battery life as you will need to have enough power to complete the activation call and you may need to power
It shouldn't cost you any money to activate the phone, however you
It's easy! After unboxing the phone, selecting a rate plan, dial *228 from your new handset and you will be connected to with a MetroPCS representative who can help you activate the
there should be a activation number either inside the phone or inside the box that it came in
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How to Activate a Metro PCS Phone
When you purchase a Metro PCS phone, you need to activate the phone before it can be used to make any calls. This process is simple and only requires a few steps.... More »
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