How to Adapt Dramatic Activities for Children with Special Needs?


The best way to adapt dramatic activities for children with special needs is to make plans for it. You must do the activities no matter what. It will not be easy but if you want to get into the habit, you must start it immediately.
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1. Record the dramatic script on tape so that students with visual impairments can participate in the activity without having to read the script. Enlist the help of students or other
I love this question! Cooking is a wonderful activity for any child, but especially for one with special needs. It teaches reading, math (fractions), following directions, and sequencing
i don't know the proficiency & skill level of the children. but your best bet is to keep it simple. depending on their skills, you can choose diff media/techniques : draw [again
Children of all ages deal with peer pressure along with issues, such as making friends, being a part of extra curricular activities, and just being accepted for who they are. For
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How to Adapt Dramatic Activities for Children With Special Needs
Dramatic activities are beneficial for children in a variety of ways. They promote self-esteem, communication and problem-solving among students. In addition, acting out situations allows students to express artistic creativity in an enjoyable way.... More »
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Special needs children are like other children when it comes to activities. You just have to make the activities varied and fun, or they'll get bored and frustrated ...
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