How to Add a Person to a House Deed?


To add a person to a deed, you must prepare a new deed with all current owners listed as the seller, and all current owners plus the new person listed as the buyer. Then you must insert the legal description of the property with all current owners signing the deed with a witness and notary. The last requirement is that the deed must be recorded in the office of the clerk or register of the county where the property is located.
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1. Get express written permission from the mortgage company to add another person to the house deed. If there is a mortgage present, the mortgage loan may be deliberately violated
thru a lawyer or solicitor being present when adding their name to any document.
I agree that more information is needed and that a real estate law specialist ultimately should be consulted to prepare the deed if it seems called for by the circumstances. But,
There are no deeds any more for most properties. They are registered with the Land Registry and that is the definitive record of ownership. But the principle is the same. If you have
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The fastest way to add persons to an already existing house deed is to expedite a Quit Claim Deed. This can be done with the help of a title company or an attorney.
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