How to Add Brake Fluid?


You can add a brake fluid to your car by first cleaning the top of your brake reservoir so debris wont fall when you open the cap. Check the level of the brake fluid and fill it to its maximum level.
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How to Add Brake Fluid
What to do if a car is low on brake fluid. Learn how to add brake fluid in the engine of a car in this free video.... More »
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To add brake fluid, first pop the hood of your car, find the brake fluid receptacle and add the brake fluid to the fill line. Do not over fill your receptacle.
Before adding brake fluid, first check to make sure it is needed. Open the cap on the reservoir under the hood, if the level is below the fill line add fluid until it is between the fill and full lines.
To add brake fluid to your automobile you will first clean the top of the master cylinder reservoir to keep dirt from entering it when you take the cap off. Then, after removing the cap or lid, look at the fluid level indicator which will show a full and a low level marking. If needed pour some brake fluid until it reaches the full mark in the reservoir and replace the cap when done.
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