How to Add Color to Wood Stain?


To add color to wood stain, place a can of wood stain, a piece of paper, then put unfinished wood board next to the container which is used to test the stain as you add color to it, if u want to change the color, add universal colorant into the stain. Then Paint a small amount of the stain onto the board to get regular color of the stain, this can be repeated until you are satisfied with the color.
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1. Open a can of wood stain and place it on a piece of newspaper. 2. Place an unfinished wood board next to the container. You will use this board to test the stain as you add color
I am not sure how to do it yourself but I know it can be done. I just had it done at Home Depot (though they told be the couldn't color a quart) They could color a pint and a gallon
Looks like it might be cherry stain to me, but, considering the whole photo is black and white except for the stock, it may just be something photoshopped onto it that has no equivalent
Moorish Teak Wood Stain is Model # 12312 by United Gilsonite
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How to Add Color to Wood Stain
If you are constructing a piece of furniture out of wood or putting together a wood deck, it is helpful to seal and treat the wood with a wood stain. If you already have a can of stain but want to use a stain that is darker or a different color, you can... More »
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