How to Add Coolant?


To add coolant to the engine, make sure you buy the kind specified by the manufacturer or your car. Then find the coolant reservoir under the hood, usually by the radiator, and add until full!
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1. Locate the plastic coolant tank on your Cadillac's radiator. The tank is generally located in the very front of the engine, near the radiator. The reservoir cap is marked "
It is easy to add coolant to your cars cooling system. Always let the engine cool off before you make any additions. Remove the cap from the cooling system overflow tank and pour
1 Watch your Freestar's dash panel for the coolant temperature gauge. If this gauge is very close to, or enters, the red section, your car is in danger of overheating or is already
On a first generation Neon (95-99) The coolant reservoir is located at the back of the engine on the passenger side. It should have a square yellow cap.
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1. Allow the engine of your Jetta to cool completely before you attempt to add coolant. Open the hood of your car and prop the hood on the support rod. 2. Locate ...
1. Allow your vehicle to completely cool before adding coolant (about 30 minutes to an hour) Coolant level is best measured with the engine cooled; reservoir levels ...
1. Open the radiator cap on the Transport only when it's cold. Do not open a radiator cap when the engine is warm or hot. 2. Place the funnel into the neck of ...
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