How to Add Dreadlock Extensions?


Part the hair in sections and make parts wet at the back. Apply copious amounts of gel on the section which will first receive the first dreadlock and place it in one hand, making a 'T' configuration and wrap the section of hair clockwise three times, with the wrapping done as close to the root as possible. Braid the hair for two rounds and continue wrapping thrice down the length of the original hair, adding more extensions depending on the length needed. Dab gel to the dreadlock and repeat the process for all sections.
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1. Part the hair into sections. For medium-sized dreadlocks, part the hair into 1-inch by 1-inch sections. Adjust the size of the sections accordingly, depending on the preferred
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The dread lock extensions on males really do not look natural, in my opinion. You could try adding the afro-kinky type hair by braiding just 2 or 3 times and then doing a coil type
Depending on the quality of the dreadlock extensions and who puts them in they
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How to Add Dreadlock Extensions
Dreadlock extensions are a versatile way to get an new look instantly. You can choose to use the extensions to start new permanent dreadlocks, or just for a temporary look. The dreadlocks can be made of either human or synthetic hair. For the best... More »
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