How to add negative fractions?


Adding negative fractions is easy once you learn the basic process. You should first check to make sure that the denominators are the same. If they aren't, you have to make them the same before you can proceed. You can find more information here:
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1. Examine your equation to be solved. In this case, the denominators, the numbers on the bottom, are the same. One of the numbers however is a mixed number. 2. Prepare the fractions
Adding fractions is more simple than it sounds. You must first find a common denominator. Then, add the top numbers together and simplify if needed.
Deduct negative from positive. for example 2 1/4 +2=1/4.
Every student needs to learn how to add fractions. Here's some extra help to assist your child in understanding the steps needed for adding fractions. Numerators and Denominators
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To add negative fractions, first make sure each fraction has the same denominator. Then add the integers of the numerator and put the negative sign in front of ...
1. Make the denominators (the bottom of the fraction) the same, if they are not already. You can only add halves to halves or quarters to quarters or tenths to ...
From my knowledge adding fractions to numbers you're adding together it just adds a small increase to each number. When adding a positive and negative together ...
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