How to Add Roof to Existing Deck?


If you have chosen to add a roof to an existing deck, then you should first consult a professional roofer. Although it may seem like an easy enough task, it's very important that it's sturdy enough to withstand weather extremes. In the meantime, you could use a temporary roof, like a tarp, to cover the deck. 
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= if you can use some iron pipe for support to the roof it would be the best to have a welder help you make a frame for the rooftop metal materials = coverage and durability and weight
1. Draw a scale image of your current deck or porch, followed by a sketch of how you want the structure to look with the addition. Planning the structure can help save you time and
1. Turn off the power to the existing ceiling electrical fixture at the main circuit breaker box. Set up your stepladder under the fixture. 2. Remove the screws that hold the existing
1. Position the concrete form onto the concrete slab and against the wall where you plan to install the new concrete stairs. 2. Coat the inside of the form with a concrete release
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How to Add a Roof to an Existing Deck
Adding a roof to your existing deck is a great way to add privacy and shelter to the area. This is especially important in regions that are very hot or get a lot of rain. You will be able to enjoy your deck year-round once it is covered by this simple... More »
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