How do I add my wife's name to my house deeds?


To add your wife's name to your house deeds, you first have to check your dwifes credit report. You will then have to apply to refinance your mortgage, including your wife's name then contact the title company that holds the property deed to your home for your mortgage company.
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1. Get express written permission from the mortgage company to add another person to the house deed. If there is a mortgage present, the mortgage loan may be deliberately violated
Answer The easiest method is called a Quit Claim deed. It transfers the property from the current owners to the new owners, which would include all the old owners and those you wish
Kevin, Hire a real estate attorney to prepare the proper legal documents (they will also nhave to be notarized),to include your wife as a co-owner of the property and make sure it
Before you close, you should be asked how the property deed should be held - Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship. How the property deed is written has nothing to do with the
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To add your wife's name in your property, visit the land registry or see a solicitor and fill in names transfer forms. The procedure is simple if there's no complications with the property because after filling the property transfer forms, the name is changed from your sole name to your joint names. The process is straight, but you will need to pay solicitors fees, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax returns
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