How should I address a letter to a congressman?


When writing to a member of Congress, the letter should be addressed with the designation "The Honorable" followed by the representative's full name. Within the letter itself, the salutation should read "Dear" Mr. or Ms., followed by the last name.

Mail sent to all government officials requires specific forms of address. A letter to a senator is addressed in the same way as a representative. However, the greeting begins "Dear Senator" and is followed by the last name. A letter to the commander-in-chief identifies "The President" on the envelope. The salutation does not include the president's name. It simply states "Dear Mr. President" or "Dear Madam "President."

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1. Find your congressman's exact name and work address. You can check the U.S. House of Representatives website for this information. 2. Address the first line of your envelope with
You would address a letter to a congressman: Congressman John Doe.
Any business letters must be addressed in a certain way. The letter will have the date in the upper left hand corner, followed by the address of who you are sending it to. Then it
Ideally, the address should begin: The Honorable: Unfortunately, Honorable and Senator/Congressman(person) seem to have become conflicting terms. Source(s): Just my opinion
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