How to Address a Letter to Someone in Jail?


To address a letter to someone in jail you will have to know exactly how to do that. Each jail is different in what they ask you to do. You can either look up the instructions on the Internet under the county or name or call the prison to find out. Sometimes you need a prisoner number. They may have certain envelope requirements since they scan the mail or open it first.
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1. Follow all guidelines about the types of paper or pen ink to use. At some detention centers, you cannot use any color of pen ink except for blue or black. You also may be restricted
Look up the facility's address - almost every facility will have a website - and make sure to include the inmate's ID number. You should also have a return address on the letter.
When he gets his 1st call, he can give you his inmate number. Use can use this on the address part of the letter. For example. Joe bloggs 2255225. Her Majesty Prison. Strangeways.
Just the jail address will get it there . Ya don't have ta know what block or cell they are in . They got this book of people that are staying in the hotel . And what room they are
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