How to Address a Sympathy Card Envelope?


You should address a sympathy card envelope the same way you address any envelope. The return address in the top left corner or on the back flap. The send-to address should be centered on the front. If your sending the letter or card to one specific friend, address their name. However, if you sending the letter to the Jones family who recently lost a family member, you would address the letter to the Jones Family followed by their address.
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How to Address a Sympathy Card Envelope
Sympathy cards are appropriate after the death of a friend or family member. Addressing a sympathy card is much like sending a traditional greeting card. You want to get a message of support and empathy across when you your card.... More »
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1. Write "Jones' Family" on the top address line if the sympathy card is for a relative of the family. This way not one person is singled out. You want to send your condolences
Mrs. Jane Smith.....she will now no longer be referred to as "Mrs. Robert Smith"...husband's name is dropped, although you will see many widows continuing to use their husband's
1 Address the envelopes in writing by hand. Your handwriting will help your Christmas cards appear more personal; whereas using computer-generated labels may seem impersonal to some
To the surviving spouse alone, or if the person was single , to the Family of So-and-so .
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The proper way to address sympathy cards is to start with the address. If you are addressing the card to a friend, you can write the address as Mr and Mrs Smith ...
1. Sign the card with not just your name but also a simple, personalized message or anecdote about the deceased person, if you knew the deceased well. If you did ...
When addressing a sympathy card, it is a good idea to offer the condolences to the whole family. This lets the bereaved know you are thinking of them and share ...
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