How to Address an Envelope Using Attn?


When addressing an envelope using 'attn', you write the name of the company to whom the envelope is being sent, if applicable. Underneath that, write 'Attn: [fill in the name to whose attention it is being sent]'. Underneath that provide the street address or P.O. Box, and then below that the city, state and zip code.
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How to Address an Envelope Using Attn
Using the attention line correctly when addressing an envelope is more than good business writing etiquette. It helps guarantee that your mail is delivered to your intended recipient.... More »
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1. Write the "attention" line first. This is written with the abbreviation ATTN. Note that there is no punctuation mark with the abbreviation. The attention line always
1 Make sure you know the exact street address where your recipient works. The "Attn" line will be pointless if you do not print the street address correctly. Many businesses
Capital letters.
You use Attn when addressing a letter to a specific person or
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Attn is an abbreviation for attention. Use this when addressing an envelope to ensure that that the letter is delivered to a specific recipient at the company. ...
1. Write the name of the company or organization to which you are sending the letter as the first line of the address. 2. Write or type "Attn: or "Attention ...
1. Write Attn: or Attention: on the first line of the address. Also include the name of the person you are directing the letter to. 2. Following the attention ...
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