How to Adjust a Briggs Stratton Carburetor?


To adjust a Briggs Stratton carburettor first remove the air filter and the air cartridge when the engine is off. Then locate and idle mixture screw in a clockwise direction until the needle touches the seat, the next step is to turn the main jet adjustment screw that is usually located at the base of the float bowl. Finally is to replace the air filter and the air cartridge and to restart the engine, while the engine is running attach a tachometer to fine tune it.
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1. Locate the adjustment screw on the side of the carburetor. The adjustment screw will have a spring between the head of the screw and the body of the carburetor. 2. Start the equipment
The following procedure applies to all small engines. If the engine does not start: (1) rotate the carburetor main jet needle valve clockwise (close) until it touches its stopping
Depending on the engine it may or may not have mixture adjustments. It does have a governor. There will be a lever sticking out of the block on the left side of the engine towards
Earl Did already replace the Bulb if you did then follow these instructions. Locate the squeeze ring holding the bulb in place. The squeeze ring is made out of a white plastic and
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