How to Adjust a Clutch on a Snapper Mower?


Dealing with adjusting the clutch on your snapper mower can be a real headache. First you should find your service manual for the type of Snapper mower you have. This can be purchased if you lost yours and provides a detailed walk through of how to fix your problem.
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1. Put on gloves and eye protection, park mower on flat, solid surface, engage the emergency brake and remove the mower key. Then disconnect the spark plug wires to ensure the safety
I leave mine in the top or last link at all times, and keep the tires inflated rock hard. I use the adjustment handle on the right side of the mower to set height. My chain links
Hi, If this is a rear engine rider, it should have stand tubes on the rear. Stand it on the back end and remove the five bolts attaching the disc to the drive. Replace it, Ariens
Pages 101, 102 of this may help. If that's the wrong manual, try this link
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