How to Adjust a Rifle Scope?


You must first use sand bags or another method for keeping the rifle stationary. Put the cross hairs on your target and fire one shot. Find where the shot hit the target and using the adjustment screws on the top and side of the scope to move the cross hairs to the location of the first shot and fire one shot again. You may have to repeat this several times to get the scope sighted in properly.
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1. Learn how to properly boresight a gun in order to mount it correctly. Boresighting involves using both the barrel (or bore) of the rifle and the rifle scope to focus on a nearby
Knowing how to properly adjust a rifle scope will pay dividends when it comes to
1. Be sure that your scope is mounted properly. Sighting-in can have been done preliminarily, but additional sighting-in will be desirable after following these steps: Ad. 2. Know
The ingenuity of adding a scope in a rifle gives you that precise and accurate view from far beyond. It helps you to be more focused on the target at sight and with great skill could
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How to Adjust a Rifle Scope
When adjusting a rifle scope, make sure to move the cross hairs so that they are in line with the best of the shooter's ability to the bore. Start at 25 yards when taking a boresighted gun in the field with advice from a gun store owner in this free... More »
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To set up a rifle scope, lie or stand in your comfortable shooting position and look to the target through your Rifle Scope. Adjust the cross hairs so that they ...
You can sight in a Simmons rifle by calibrating your rifle. You can do this at a range. You can also have someone who is talented at shooting do this for you. ...
An individual can bore sight a rifle by first setting up the target. The bolt of the rifle should also be removed. The scope may also need to be adjusted. ...
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