How to Adjust a Small Engine Carburetor?


Most small engine carburetors have two adjustments. A fuel air mixture adjustment and a idle adjustment. To adjust start the motor and adjust the air fuel mixture until it has good throttle response and runs smooth. Then adjust the idle until it will stay running without holding the throttle.
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1. Locate the two adjustment screws on the carburetor. One screw is for the idle speed or low speed; the other is for the high speed. 2. Turn both of the screws counterclockwise to
Go to your local autoparts store and by the rebuild kit according to your carburetor. Inside the box will be an exploded diagram of the carb which will make it relativly simple to
1. Pop off the cylinder cover with your fingers. Pull out the air filter and slap it against your palm to get rid of any dust. 2. Drizzle about a capful of gas on the air filter band
1. Open the hood of the vehicle or turn of the gas valve on the motorcycle. Allow the engine to completely cool off before you proceed. 2. Locate the air valve screw on the carburetor
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You can adjust a small engine carburetor with the screws on the top and sides of the carburetor. Turn them until the engine seems to run smoother. You may have to do several adjustments to these screws. For more information look here:;
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