How to Adjust Headlights?


In order to adjust headlights you will need to face the car towards a wall with the lights on if it's an older model. Be sure the car is on a level surface as well.
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It's easy to learn how to adjust headlights. Have your headlights can become maladjusted because you replaced them, or because the vibration and body distortion from damage or contact
1. Open the hood and look directly down onto the top of the headlight to be adjusted. Just above the headlight housing will be a white Teflon or plastic screw. This adjustment screw
1. Locate a level hard surface 25 feet away from a wall. Park the 2006 Dodge Ram on this surface, with the front bumper 25 feet from the wall. Turn the headlights on. 2. Locate the
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How to Adjust Headlights
The first step in adjusting headlights is to look at the headlight for numbers that will indicate settings for adapters. Make horizontal and vertical adjustments when working on headlight alignment with help from an ASE-certified master automobile... More »
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