How do you adjust self-closing kitchen cabinet hinges?


You can use 3 methods to adjust kitchen cabinet door hinges and they are side to side adjustment, vertical adjustment and front to back adjustment. The side to side adjustment requires that you use the first screw on the hinge to adjust the doors by turning the screw in a clockwise direction. The vertical adjustment requires that you loosen the top and the bottom screws. For front to back adjustment, you can adjust the second screw to adjust the gap between the door and the cabinet.
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1. Search for the depth and side screws, if your cabinet doors have European hinges. The depth screw is the screw on the end of the hinge bar pointing to the back of the cabinet,
If your cabinet doors bump into each other, hang unevenly or don’t close properly, the hinges may need adjusting. Adjusting your cabinet hinges. is easy, and once you've finished
1 Close the cabinet door and look very closely at which directions it needs to go. Does it line up with neighboring doors? Is it too high or too low? Does it close all the way? Does
When installing new cabinets, door hinges must be adjusted to make the cabinet doors fit properly and work smoothly. Over time, older cabinet door hinges will allow the doors to
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How to Adjust the Hinges on a Kitchen Cabinet
When your kitchen cabinet doors close improperly or don't line up with each other, it is often necessary to adjust the hinges. Kitchen cabinets use either a European-style hinge or a standard hinge. European or salice hinges look like a small square stem... More »
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