How to Adjust Open Rifle Sights?


To adjust open rifle sights, first sight in the gun by looking directly through the barrel to aim at a designated object. The gun should be resting in a stable position. Then move the rear sight to match what you see through the barrel by adjusting it to either side, or up or down.
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1. Locate the rear sight adjustment screw or step-slider mechanism to adjust the sight for elevation or windage. A step-slider can only be adjusted for elevation, while a screw adjustment
if its shooting to the right you need to move your rear sight to the left or your front sight to the right just a little bit,it doesn't take very much movement to make a big difference
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How to Adjust an Open Sight on a Rifle
Open sights are typically installed by a rifle manufacturer as a "default" sight of sorts, replaceable only by installing new sights or scopes. The open sight, sometimes referred to as an iron sight, is a basic sighting instrument in which the rear sight... More »
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To adjust iron sights on your rifle, first adjust the vertical. Each weapon will vary slightly. Next, adjust the horizontal. If you are hitting to the right, ...
An individual can bore sight a rifle by first setting up the target. The bolt of the rifle should also be removed. The scope may also need to be adjusted. ...
Sighting a rifle with open sights is a good idea for someone who plans to hunt in bad weather conditions or under a thick cover. Open sights are also favorable ...
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