How do you adjust a Pulsar watch band?


Since metal watch bands aren?t ?one size fits all,? Pulsar has designed bands that are easily adjusted. To adjust your watch band, wrap the watch band around your wrist. Determine how many links you want to remove. Put the watch face-down on a flat surface and look at the back of the band. There is an arrow that will show you which direction to push the pins to remove links. Locate the point at which the extra links need to be removed. Use a 1 mm flathead screwdriver to push the pins. Remove the pins with a pair of pliers and keep the extra links.
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1. Measure the watch band. Put the watch on your wrist and evaluate how many links need to be removed from the band. 2. Position the watch face-down on a flat surface. On the back
On many Pulsar watches there are 5-6 removable links. If you check the back of the band there will be an arrow showing the direction the pin should be pushed to remove it. Use a watch
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How to Adjust a Pulsar Watch Band
Metal watch bands are not "one size fits all." Pulsar has designed its watch bands to be easily adjusted, especially if you need to make them smaller.... More »
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If you need to make your Pulsar watch band smaller, you will need to use a 1 mm flathead screwdriver to push the pins on the underside of the links in the direction of the arrows. Then use pliers to pull the pins to remove the links, and be sure to keep those extra lengths encase they are ever needed.
The watch band should be measured by wrapping it around your wrist in order to determine how many links will require removal. After placing the watch face-down, locate the arrow which shows which direction you should push the pins in order to remove the required links. Locate the point at which the additional links needs to be taken out in order for proper fit. Using a 1 mm flathead screwdriver, push the pins according to the direction of the arrow. Pins are then removed by using pliers.
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