How to Adjust Wahl Clipper Blades?


To adjust Wahl clipper blades, you need to loosen the screws. They will be on the underside of the blade. Slide the blade so that the teeth are aligned the way they are supposed to be, which is 1/32nd of an inch, overlapped.
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1. Purchase a sharpening stone from an online or local hair product retailer. It is advisable to purchase a sharpening stone that provides several levels of coarseness. 2. Remove
Hair clipper blades are self-sharpening. If your blades are dull, it is probably due to the clipper being dirty. Gently remove the blades and clean them with rubbing alcohol. Place
Call Customer Service for WAHL. My sons both use WAHL cutting their own hair for 20 years, and they have not brought it to Europe.
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How to Adjust Wahl Clipper Blades
Wahl has been a top-rated clipper manufacturer for well over 50 years. The company makes a wide variety of clipping products, including pet-quality and human-quality hair scissors and hair clippers. Proper maintenance of your Wahl clippers is essential... More »
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A blade sharpener must be used to sharpen Wahl clippers. A little bit of oil should be placed on the sharpening disk and the magnetic holder should be attached ...
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