How can I adopt a fairy?


There are many options to adopt a Fairy. The first thing you have to do is decide exactly which of the many Fairies will meet your needs and of course the needs of that particular Fairy! For more information look here:;
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I would not recommend catching one or adopting one, even though I would love to! They don't tolerate humans and their little friends will make you life a living hell! But I heard
Instructions. Choose the right time and day. There are certain days and certain times which are especially conducive to finding fairies. According to fairy protocol, some of these
1. Trace the shape of the fairy wing on one of the sheets of posterboard with a marker. The size of the wing will depend on the size of your child. Repeat with the other sheet of
1. Form an armature, or skeletal framework, for the sculpture out of wire and aluminum foil. Use 22- to 30-gauge wire for smaller fairies and 16- to 18-gauge wire for larger fairies
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