How to Answer a Question in Essay Format?


To answer a question in essay format you need to construct an introduction of your subject in your first paragraph. In your second paragraph put in your outline and some sentence constructions. In the succeeding paragraphs try to explain in full detail of your essay and then make a good conclusion to end the essay.
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1. Format your essay properly. Type your answer on standard 8.5-inch by 11-inch white paper. Set your margins to 1 inch on all sides, which is the default setting in Microsoft Word
Go to. And go to how to essay exams this can help you with what you are doing. Source(s) Im a college tutor.
1. Try and figure out what the short answer would be. If you don't know the answer, try and recall some small memory of what the teacher may have said regarding the subject (remember
1. Determine the nature of the question. This will influence the structure of your essay (ie. definitive, persuasive, etc. 2. Decide what will be your answer to the question. 3. Make
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Essay format is a logically based way to form an essay. The essay format is inclusive of a written work that contains an introduction, beginning, middle, and end ...
Essay format is a writing style. It is mostly used in universities and colleges among students hence the name essays. Essays are usually long and detailed. ...
Short essay format simplifies the regular essay format. A short introduction and a strong thesis statement are still needed. The short essay will have less body ...
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