How to Answer Your Vet's Questions About Your Pet?


Often your vet will ask questions about what is going on with your animal . They are not wasting time. Sometimes the history of the injury or the illness is the most important clue to what is really happening. Answer questions directly. Don't try to
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The show is "Animal House Calls.
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Are you confused about your pet's diagnosis or treatment or perhaps unsatisfied with your pet's general care? It is not uncommon for people to be confused or upset with their pet
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1. The first thing is do when you need answers from your vet is to listen to what they have to say. Let them tell you all they know but don't stop there. If you ...
I have taken my pet to the Vet many times and the questions that were asked require a straightforward answer. The best way to answer the vet's questions about ...
1. Start by checking in the animals for their veterinarian visit. After starting the game as a veterinarian named Sally, press the "A" button on your ...
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