How to Apply Clip in Extensions?


To apply clip to hair extensions, start off by attaching the 30 centimetre bottom piece by parting an inch of the hairline from temple to temple horizontally. Next is to open all of the comb clips before applying it by holding both ends of single clip with pointer fingers and thumbs. Afterwards, apply pressure on to the backside and snap the clip ends back. Attach the middle clip and then hold the section firmly to your head with your left hand; take the right ended clip with right hand and clip to right front corner section of parting; repeat for left ended clip.
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1. Decide on the location you'd like for your hair extension. If you are using a single streak, you may choose an area near the face. For larger wefts, begin at the back of the head
To apply hair clips in extensions you need to part your hair from ear to ear to apply the shortest extension! Be sure to keep the rest of your hair separate! Attach shorter pieces
Feeling a little bald and want to add some hair extensions. You will need to purchase yourself some hair that is on a weft. To take the fast way out you can glue it in with hair glue
1 Begin with clean extensions free of hair product buildup. Place them on individual sheets of tinfoil. Ad 2 Buy a bleach kit. These can be purchased from many places. 3 Mix the powder
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You can apply a clip to hair extensions very inexpensively. What I do is measure the track of hair to my head and cut it to size. take the clip and sew it to the ...
1. Make a part above the nape from ear to ear to attach the shortest hair extension. 2. Smooth the rest of your hair away from the part and secure with a hair ...
One can apply pink hair extensions by clipping them into your hair. These can be done by pulling back a section of your hair. Then one secures the pink hair extension ...
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