How do you apply eye makeup?


To properly apply eye makeup, there are four steps: eye shadow base, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. One can learn to apply eye makeup with tips from a professional makeup artist. The five basic steps are; Start with a clean canvas, assess your eyebrows, figure out that eye shadow compact, curl those lashes and apply mascara the right way.
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Eye makeup for green eyes encompasses a wide range of color options. The key is to choose eye makeup colors that don't compete with your eye's natural shade of green. Any eyeshadow
1. Apply liquid foundation makeup to your entire eyelid. Another option is to apply a commercial eyelid primer to your eyelid. Use your ring finger to gently smooth the foundation
1. Wash your eyelids thoroughly prior to shadow application. Use a face wash specially made for oily skin. 2. Pat your lids dry with a clean cloth. 3. Apply eyeshadow foundation or
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To apply make up to your eyes, first wash the areas around your eyes with a moisturiser. Continue by outlining the eye brows with eye pencil. Then apply eye shadow that suits your skin tone. Finalize by curling the eye lashes by applying an eye mascara.
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To apply eye shadow correctly, begin by highlighting the eye shadow across the eyelid, from the lash line to slightly beyond the crease, and all the way to the ...
Before you start to apply your eye shadow, you will want to have the makeup and brushes ready for use. The first thing that you want to do is apply the lightest ...
There are some very helpful online resources that includes video instructions. ...
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