How to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly?


To apply eye shadow correctly, begin by highlighting the eye shadow across the eyelid, from the lash line to slightly beyond the crease, and all the way to the eyebrow. After that, mid tone the eye shadows on the inner corner of the lid, and then accent it on crease and in wedge. Finally, line the upper and lower lashes with the eyeliner pencil.
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1. Pick a color of eyeshadow that complements your eyes. If you're not sure what to choose, you won't go wrong with complementary colors. These are colors opposite one another on
1. First, apply eye primer. This insures the eyeshadow and eye makeup will last longer and prevent the eyeshadow form gathering in your crease, causing an unattractive crease line
There is no correct way that works for everyone. you have to asses your eye shape and go from there. for instance a person with deep-set eyes would not apply eyeshadow the same way
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How to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly
To apply eye shadow correctly, you will need the right brushes and tools. Master the art of perfect eye makeup with the help of a professional makeup artist in this free video.... More »
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Applying red eye shadow should be done just as with other eye shadows. Use soft yet broad strokes on the eyelids. The shade and intensity is up to you, have fun! ...
Before you start to apply your eye shadow, you will want to have the makeup and brushes ready for use. The first thing that you want to do is apply the lightest ...
To apply cream eye shadow you will need to be sure to always use your fingers. You will not need a collection of brushes. The heat from your fingers will allow ...
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