How do you apply eye shadow correctly?


Applying eye shadow correctly requires using the proper brushes and eye shadow that complements the eyes. The necessary brushes are a precision angle brush, flat eye shadow brush and blending brush. Choose shadows opposite your eyes on the color wheel to make their color stand out.

Start with a light or cream-colored matte shadow as a base. Use the flat eye shadow brush to sweep the color from lash line to brow bone. The entire area should be covered. Wipe the brush on a tissue and use it to apply a complementary-colored eye shadow across the eyelid. For blue eyes, choose coral, gold, apricot or peach tones. Green eyes pop with plum or wine colors. Blue and purple tones work well for brown eyes.

Next, use the blending brush to sweep a darker color in the crease just above the eyelid. Wipe away the excess shadow and use the same brush with highlighting shadow under the eyebrow and at the inner eye. Finally, use the precision angle brush to line the eyelashes with a dark color. Moisten the brush for a more dramatic look.

For a smoky-eye effect, start with the base then move to the highlighter. Use a darker shade for the crease, and draw it out in a slight cat-eye. Continue blending down to the lid color. Use a black or dark brown to line near the lash line with the precision angle brush by drawing the color out in the cat-eye line.

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How to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly
To apply eye shadow correctly, you will need the right brushes and tools. Master the art of perfect eye makeup with the help of a professional makeup artist in this free video.... More »
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