How to Apply Fabric to Walls?


To apply fabric to walls you will need to take the proper measurments of the wall you wish to cover. Choose the fabric, smooth out wrinkles and staple around edges. You can cover the staples by adding a simple wood frame or molding with a nail gun.
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1. Measure the height and width of the wall you intend to upholster. Do not subtract measurements for windows or doorways. 2. Determine the amount of fabric you'll need to cover the
Simply soak fabric in liquid starch and apply to the wall. To remove it will peel off easily and wall can be washed down...great for apartment
1. Rent or purchase a spray hopper from a home improvement or building supply store, if you desire. Alternatively, use a paintbrush or heavy nap roller to apply the texture. 2. Prepare
1. Make sure drywall panels are clean and dry. Additionally, the drywall should be white because the color will show through the cultured marble. If necessary, paint the wall white
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How to Apply Fabric to Walls
Fabric can be applied to walls to create an upholstered look. Applying fabric in this way not only gives your room a rich, opulent appeal, but also it provides added soundproofing. The process is not unlike upholstering a bench or stool, but it does... More »
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