How to Apply for a Council House?


To apply to get a council house, begin by filling in an application form from the Housing Register. To be considered for a successful application, you must be aged 16 years or older, be permanently resident in the UK and not be subject to Immigration Control. Properties are usually allocated to individuals with the highest number of points.
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Council housing is property that is owned by a council and not a private individual. You can apply for housing either by downloading the form from the internet or making a request to the council to mail it to you.
Council houses are properties that owned by a council and not by a private individual or company. Anyone who is in can apply for a council house but they are given to those who need them most. When it comes to applying for a council house, you need to request to join a housing waiting list of which your council may post you an application form or you may be able to download it from its website.
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You first need to make an appointment with your local housing authority. Once you meet with the rep they will check your qualifications based on income, age and disability of there
You’ll need to complete an application form and join a waiting list. Contact your council for an application form.
1. Visit and click on "Home and community" and then "Council housing" under the "Council and housing association homes. 2. Select "Applying
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