How to Apply for Guardianship?


To become a legal guardianship one requires a lot of consultation and assessment since one will be responsible for the well being and safety of the child. You must first be assessed by social services who will submit report to Family Proceedings Court. Visit for more information.
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Proven research states that guardianship is the legal power to direct and control another person's life. Guardianship can be granted in a legal proceeding brought in Surogate Courts. To initiate the paperwork the applicant will need to file a petition to the courts. I recommend you contact an attorney for further details. The documents should also include copies of the person's medical or psychological reports showing the need for guardianship if the person is over the age of 18 years. I recommend you contact a local attorney for further details with filing the petition.
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You will need a court order in order to apply for guardianship for a child. The courts will grant you that authority. Also, this process can take sometime as well.
1. File a petition for appointment of guardian with the court clerk. The petition must include information about you and the proposed ward, such as the ward's name, age and address;
She needs to hire a lawyer and sue for custody. It will be difficult and she will have to have an overwhelming burden of proof that he is unfit. Accusations do nothing if no proof
There are more than one type of guardianship in Florida. In order to obtain guardianship over your friend, there will need to be a determination by the probate court in county where
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To Apply for Guardianship of a senior, see if someone needs an adult guardian. Talk to the senior's doctor about the matter; see if you are qualified to be the ...
1. Talk with a lawyer who specializes in family law before you take any steps to apply for guardianship. A lawyer can outline the process for you and help you ...
File a petition at the proposed ward's local probate court. The petition will ask you to explain in writing all the facts about the proposed ward that renders ...
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