How to Apply for the NCAA Clearinghouse?


To apply with the NCAA Clearinghouse you must first fill out a NCAA eligibility form. You can obtain this form from your guidance counselor. There is a registration fee of $50. You should send in this eligibility form at the beginning of your junior year. You must also have a 2.0 GPA and acceptable ACT or SAT scores. Using all of this information the NCAA Clearinghouse will clear you to play in college athletics.
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The NCAA clearinghouse verifies the eligibility of a student-athlete to participate in sanctioned events. Each student-athlete must meet certain requirements in their educational
1. Get sn eligibility form from the NCAA Clearinghouse website when you are a junior in high school. There are forms for both U.S. and international students. Ask your family to help
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To be eligible for the NCAA Division 1 sports you must apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse. They factor in your grades and your SAT or ACT scores. Hope this helps. ...
The NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athlete Association and is a nonprofit organization to assist and support student athletes around the nation. The NCAA ...
The NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse looks for certain key factors when recruiting athletes. The NCAA Clearinghouse checks on an individuals grades using a specific ...
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